Monez, is a Balinese illustrator who was born and raised in Bali. He received his education, both Bachelor and Master of Art at The Indonesian Institute of the Arts Bali.  His love of drawing start from he was in kindergarten , his traditional painter-grandfather also became one of his muse. His lack of ability in drawing proportional and realist encourage him to draw something new. Monez started as a full time worker in Garment company 2005, where he learned so much about colouring technique and pattern designing. 

For Monez, he has his own style which he called it “Fablelous”. It comes from a style of work  that have the roots of fables and a word “fabulous”. The monsters as well are rooted from Balinese folktales, culture, and creatures from mythology. Inspired by fables and folk-tales, Monez’s portfolio of work is a breath of fresh air and large in breadth. His illustrations and large-scale murals appear on the walls of restaurants and Bali Zoo Park, while his organic characters feature in children’s books and on clothing apparel. Monez has also exhibited his digital and hand-drawn works widely, from Asia to Africa and the United States. He is known as well as his works with app developers such as Affinity Designer and Procreate, as one of the artist featured in their App publication. Monez prints some of his artwork and make into apparel and stationary under one brand called “MONSTERO” that establish since 2009.

Monez did some collaboration with big company as well, such as Apple, Bali Zoo, Duty Free, Starbucks, and others company that still on going project with Monez.

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