As an Indonesian illustrator, I was thrilled to be invited to participate in a solo exhibition in Misato-city, Japan, which is a sister city of Mas village in Ubud, Bali. This rare opportunity allowed me to showcase my works to the world and demonstrate my unique style and technique as an illustrator.
Upon arriving in Misato-city, I was impressed by the kindness and concern of the local people for art. The solo exhibition was well-organized and attracted many visitors who were interested in my works. Seeing my art on display filled me with pride and I was encouraged by the positive feedback I received from the visitors.
Overall, the solo exhibition was a remarkable experience that opened new doors for me to further my career as an illustrator. I am grateful to the city of Misato for the invitation and to all those who made this exhibition possible. I eagerly look forward to future opportunities to exhibit my works and share my passion for illustration with the world.

I'm standing in front of the Misato Co exhibition building. And yes, as a proud Balinese, m wearing Bali's traditional uniform for the opening exhibition.

I say two woman are  wearing my t-shirt on Sunday market

Signed my merchandise to the buyer.

Thank you so much Mr. Kado, definitely I'll be back to Misato Co, one day.

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